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Scuba Diving in El Quseir

Scuba World Divers Diving Center in El Quseir

DC Sentido Oriental Dream Resort, El Quseir, Hurghada, Egypt, Red Sea

For thousands of years the coasts of Egypt have acted as the interface between the Nile Valley and the outside world, with points of entry and exit, lines of defense and sources of raw materials and food.

El Quseir today is yet one of the top rated diving destinations in Egypt. The popularity of diving and Snorkeling in El Quseir comes for the beautiful coral reefs and the variety of dive sites that are mostly accessible right from the beach and suitable even for kids diving.

Scuba World Divers Diving Center in El Quseir is a PADI Diving Center and your perfect choice to try diving staring from the PADI Open Water Diving Course to the PADI Dive Master level while enjoying a relaxing holiday in El Quseir at the Sentido Oriental Dream Resort.

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Marine Life in El Quseir

While diving with Scuba World Divers Diving Center in El Quseir expect to encounter the mighty array of colorful reefs and fishes and their associated activity in abundance.

Very high chance of spotting Sea Cow (Dugong), Turtles, Whitetip and blacktip reef sharks patrol and barracuda guard the blue. Crocodile fishes, Scorpion Fishes and stonefish and the ever present lionfish hide in plain sight and you might even be lucky to see a stargazer or frogfish too. Pipefish and Nudibranches are a-plenty for the spotters.

Diving with us is the vast experience and knowledge of many years with the reef and the marine life hidden in secret places underwater and we will expose you to those unforgettable sites of critters and marine life that you don’t see on any average dive.

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Best dive spots in El Quseir

Diving in Elphinstone

Banana like Elphinstone reef extends some 500 meters in length and is one of the best dive sites in the Southern part of the Egyptian Red Sea, and classified as one of the best 20 dive sites worldwide.

Its spectacular walls plunge vertically on both sites to more than 150 meters and are covered in beautiful development of soft and hard corals. Diving at Elphinstone reef means diving at a place where you can meet it all: hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks and Oceanic White tip sharks are circling around the northern plateau.

The western and eastern walls are covered with soft corals and all the life the Red Sea has got to offer.

Where you are dropped in will depend on the currents on the day you visit. The corals are beautiful along both walls and you will see lots of life without having to work hard. Currents can range from soft to very strong here. In Scuba World Divers we promote safety strongly and our diving team will normally require divers to have demonstrated good buoyancy control before diving here.

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